Far too many struggle with making the necessary shifts to get the results they want most.

Call it “Life. Cultural norms. Societal pressure. The way it’s always been done, Fear of judgment or pressure from family or outside influence. Heck, “The Corona Virus…

I’ve come to learn that the reason most people aren’t making the shifts is because most people don’t know how to light up their internal awareness’s to make the external shifts that last.


Our Growth Coaching Programs are an UNEXPLAINABLE way to open up what's REALLY in you.

Are you proud of your life?

Do you want better decision making abilities…

Do you want better quality in your relationships…

Do you want to do work that you are proud of…

Do you want to feel a buzz that doesn’t require alcohol or poppin’ pills…

Do you want to get your life back???

If yes, then join me in picking your FLAVOR OF GROWTH!!!

Growth comes in all shapes and sizes..


“DIY: 26 Day Challenge”

This FLAVOR OF GROWTH is designed for you to be able to access growth in bite size pieces, on your own timeline, in a “DIY” style. This 26 Day Challenge gives you the gift of re-thinking! It’s designed to wake up the Dreamer in you by giving you permission to re-think everything you’ve ever thought from A-Z.

This is PERFECT for you IF:

You’re more of a “DIY” kinda guy/gal and you’re effective at learning at your own pace,

You’re accountable to yourself and you won’t put off tomorrow what you can do today,

And, lets face it:

It IS cheaper,

You control the speed and absorption,

And why not?! You LOVE to learn!


DREAM: Now - 6 Week, Online Course

This FLAVOR OF GROWTH is designed for those of you who want and need an interactive coaching experience. In this 6 week Live, Community Training, growth is going to feel much more vibrant and alive, making it much easier to build the momentum you need to create sustainable results!

This is PERFECT for you IF:

You WANT a coach,

You want hands on support and accountability,

You see the value in masterminding and value learning with and from other people,

And lets face it,

You need some help with accountability

Or lets face it,

You want powerful change and you’re not afraid to show it,

You don’t want to settle and you want growth coaching to be more personalized.


One on One Personalized Coaching

This FLAVOR OF GROWTH is for those who want better, faster results. My personalized coaching is revolutionary in that it isn’t a one size fits all, it’s designed specifically to meet you where you’re at and take you to where you want to be most. This level of Growth Coaching demands a lot but is incredible in its results!

This is PERFECT for you IF:

You want better, faster, more personalized results for your life and your business, like NOW,

You understand the power of a Coach and need a clearer roadmap to support you in getting to where you want to be,

You have great results in some areas of life but are deficient in others and you just don’t know how to make it all work together better,

And lets fact it,

And you need your family, team, and/or employees to buy in too!

***NOTE: This is a very exclusive option and does include an application process as Julia only works with a handful of people at a time to ensure maximized results. APPLY TODAY.

DREAM: The Gathering

This FLAVOR OF GROWTH is for those who want to connect with a community of Dreamers at no cost. This is a FREE, Bi-monthly online gathering where we come together and lean into the thoughts, ideas and principles of what it means to live like Dreamers. Led by Julia Gentry, she intentionally teaches about mindset, strategy, and all the tactical things one needs in order to live the life of their dreams, even in day to day life. It’s deigned to enlighten, empower, and bring hope to everyone who attends. Come as you are. Come when you can.

This is PERFECT for you IF:

Like going to church, you appreciate rubbing shoulders with fellow Dreamers.

You want to tune out all the noise of the social media world and want to tune into a conversation that really matters.


"Julia have this uncanny way to connect and this ability to communicate with the human soul. Brilliant."

"This has truly become my therapy. I don't always 'like it' at the moment but it;s giving me the power to change everything that doesn't serve me."

"Dumb founded. Simple but so profound and crazy to experience. Nothing like it."

This Coaching changed everything for me…

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SUBSCRIBE to “ALL THE THINGS!” Follow our journey * Meet us on the road * Be completely entertained * Be unapologetically encouraged to LIVE BOLD about your dreams! PLUS, receive a FREE, 7 - Day “Dreamer’s Guide” on Living Bold!!!