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Hi Sleeping Dreamer

Julia here...

It’s time to WAKE UP!!

And my book, DREAM – I Dare You, has been purposefully written to wake up the dreamer within you didn’t even know had fallen asleep.

In this book, I am inviting you to take my dare and to no longer settle for “ok,” “fine,” and “good enough” but to ignite the light within you so you can shine the light on the world around you.

More than ever before our world needs you! The world needs the very things God’s put within you – your unique dreams – to manifest in the world around us. For every problem we see today, He has created solutions—only those solutions don’t lie dormant in the world around us. They lie dormant in the world within us.

It’s time.

With my WHOLE heart,




It’s time to dream.

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This book will BLOW YOUR MIND …

This book is designed to transform you.

It’s designed to grow you.

It will give you the space to become the person you were created to be.

And it’s going to blow your mind so you can get into your heart.

Too often we think life is getting in the way of living our dreams… But if life is stopping you from dreaming, what’s the point of life?

Life is not getting in the way of you living your dream, it’s that you don’t have a dream that’s louder than life to live for!

  • If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Is there something more?” this book is for you…
  • If you are aware enough to know that you are stuck, but not aware enough to know how to get unstuck, this book is for you…
  • If you want a faith that moves mountains, a joy that’s contagious, this book is for you…
  • If you want to be the salt of the earth, the light in the darkest hour… this book is for you…
  • If 2021 is your year to get intentional about the dreams God has placed in your heart, this book is for you!!

Here’s the results you can count on when you read this book:

  • WAKE UP to your life and a higher level of awareness and consciousness,
  • Learn what’s stopping you and why and it’s NOT what you might think,
  • Defy the limits and finally live past your own fears, worry, and self – doubt,
  • Live with VISION and finally get loud about the things that are important to you,
  • Deepen your Faith so you can play a role in bringing heaven to this earth,
  • Greater Alignment in all areas of your life: faith, family, career, and community,
  • Establish a clear, powerful wholehearted action plan to ensure you have aligned action steps in all areas of your life to maximize results!

The world is waiting…

It’s time to create greater awareness and alignment in your faith, family, career, and community so you can be the light to this world, the salt of the earth, bold as lions!

I’m Ready to Dream


If not you, who?
And if not now, when?

Download the first two audio chapters of DREAM-I Dare You FOR FREE and begin your dreaming journey today!

What are people saying about this book

I'll start a fire!

“Julia! Holy moly! You’ve become one of the ones that Malori always talked about! “It only takes one person to start a revival or revolution. Well, I’m that one…. I’m the one to at least start it. Light the match that will cause the uncontrollable fire. Or be the match rather…” You’ve already lit the way for so many – I’ve seen it, in person! and you’re set to brighten the way for many more! #idareyou Keep shining, keep burning, especially for Him!”

- Cindy S.

Nothing has impacted my life more!

“I have been reading and doing self-development work for over 20 years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that nothing has impacted my life more than taking this course and reading Julia’s book. Hold on world because the world is going to transform at its core. I can’t recommend this course enough. Do it! You will NOT regret it!”

- Becky O.

I can finally connect to myself!

“This book has allowed me to look on my life and see where my circumstances have influenced my thinking. It is allowing me to explore ways that I have been hindered, but also gives me a group of women who support me in the process of dreaming!”

- Briana O.

This book changed my life!

“After reading this book, I was able to finally quit my job and pursue my career as an entrepreneur. It shifted my mind and has completely changed my life.”

- Dorian G.

I know HOW to make my dreams come true!

“In my daily life it makes me be connect and kinder to myself. It’s making me really think about life and how I want to live it and how to make my dreams come true. The book club is a safe space to share my feelings without worry of judgement.

- Kami F.

This will wake you up!

“This book is a wake-up call for those sleepwalking through life. We often get caught up in the drudgery of life and settle for the comfort vs the potential. This books reminds us that YES, God made each of us to live lives of significance. I love that this book diagnosis the root causes and walks you through a clear path of transformation.”

- Brian B.

Buy the full DREAM SUITE Today.

The DREAM SUITE is a 3-piece bundle that includes the book DREAM—I Dare You, Dream Workbook, and Dream Journal. These companion pieces are designed to take you even deeper, to open up richer, more meaningful awareness and to spark real transformation in your faith, family, career, and community.

Be Transformed.

This will change you.

This will grow you.

The DREAM SUITE will give you the tools and the space to become the person you were created to be. Too often we believe that “life” is getting in the way of us living our dreams… Life is not getting in the way; you just need a dream louder than this life to live for!  It’s time…

PLUS, it comes in a really DREAMY, DREAM BOX made by small business and arranged with so much love.

Buy your DREAM SUITE Today

Or Buy Them Ala Carte:

Don’t read this book alone.

Dream Together.

DREAM SUITE is a perfect bundle to bring people together, at home, at church, or on Zoom. Let’s be honest, our world has flip-flopped and the way we do business, church, even life has dramatically changed. In a world where we are completely over-connected, we are lacking true connection.

I believe that there is so much power in gathering together because as it’s written, “Where two or more are gathered, there He is in the midst of them!” Matthew 18:20 …and my heart for this book is to make sure everyone is grounded not only in their own dreams but with a group of people who are willing live out the dream they hold on the inside of them as well.

DREAM—I Dare You Life Group Curriculum and Training is all about encouraging and commissioning encouraging and commissioning the body of Christ to DREAM TOGETHER! It provides an 8-week series that opens up richer, deeper, more meaningful conversations and sparks real transformation in the areas of faith, family, career, and community.

It’s time to get bold about your dreams and get connected with a group of people who are wanting to do the same!

Grab the book…
Grab a friend…
And lets gather.

Will you dream?
Will you gather?

Bring DREAMS into your church Today!

DREAM: Gather is a perfect for you if:

– You’re looking for the next perfect book for your book club or small group series,
– You’re tired of small talk,
– You want to be having bigger, bolder conversations,
– You’re tired of settling for “ok,” “fine,” and “good enough,”
– You want to read more than just another good “self – help” book but crave true change,
– You don’t want to dream alone!


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SUBSCRIBE to “ALL THE THINGS!” Follow our journey * Meet us on the road * Be completely entertained * Be unapologetically encouraged to LIVE BOLD about your dreams! PLUS, receive a FREE, 7 - Day “Dreamer’s Guide” on Living Bold!!!
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