Yea. I asked it: How’s your self-care?

So truth be told, I am an eight on the Enneagram. For those of you who don’t know what that is it’s a personality profile. And I am known as a challenger.

Historically, challengers are not good about self care. For many reasons. Some of those reasons sounded like: Self care feels weak. It felt like something was wrong with me if I needed care. It felt like I never had enough time. It felt like I never had enough money. You name it, I found a reason not to do it!

But ultimately, I realized that my lack of self care was actually causing more damage then it was doing good. So it has been an area that I’ve had to double down on as of late and something I would suggest for most of us, especially in these times!

What does self-care look like?

For those of you maybe starting your self care journey or looking to build on what you’ve already got, here’s my two cents. May it serve you based upon wherever you are in your journey…

For me, I spend time doing what I call “going in,” it’s my quiet time with God. It’s the time I block out all the noise and all the chatter and distractions and go to a much deeper place. I stop looking around me and I start looking within me.

I do intermittent fasting everyday for a healthy body and vibrant energy. I swear by this as I’ve tried Whole 30, Daniels cleanse, vegan, all the things, and for me, intermittent fasting has given me sustainable energy. On top of the fact that I eat real food that supports my energy and doesn’t drain me so I don’t do dairy, booze, wheat, fake sugar or anything else that sucks life from me. (Lemme shed some light on this though: I started my health and nutrition journey 8 years ago so it’s been a work in progress for sure!!! Biggest encouragement: just start!)

I see my chiropractor when I feel out of alignment. I swear by Dr. Nikitow who has been my go to since I was 8. My body breathes after a good adjustment.

I take care of myself by actually chasing the dreams that are on the inside of me, unapologetically and in faith. Believe it or not, chasing my real, bold, pure dreams bring me life! Though they’re bigger than me, they bring me life and it’s a part of my self care.

Then there’s Nate, my muscle alignment, healer. I posted on Facebook about him the other day after my session because let’s be honest, Thank God for Nate. He has been a game changer for me. He is a gift to this planet! He has given me the space to learn that real self care is learning to love myself even more, even harder. And that love for myself then spills over into other people allowing me to love others even more, even harder.

Above all else, self care is derived from self love.

Too many of us shame ourselves, judge ourselves, take what other people say about us and make it our truth.


If nothing else today, start your self care journey by first recognizing that you need to fall back in love (or maybe for the first time) with YOU.

It’s the best and most important relationship you could have (outside of the one you have with God).

Take care you today.
Start to love YOU today.